The Fallout of Stream 24 by Mave Deltzer

NEWS by Mave Deltzer, HoloFightZ BEST and only reporter

{"ops":[{"insert":{"image":""}},{"insert":"\n\nWith the recent major upset in the season finale of HoloFightZ, where the reigning champ Ninomae Ina’nis has suffered her first single loss ever to title contender, Omaru Polka.\n\nAnd after that lost, my insider source have tell me that Ina’nis decided to terminated her contract to keep shillin… I mean sponsoring the hit mobile game’s RRAT : OGEY LEGENDS, her statement after the fact said, and I quote :\n‘’ I don’t care anymore, I don’t care if the world hate me because, after that match, I realized that, even if the whole world gonna turned it back on me, I knew there would be one person that won’t, and for that person and that person only, I will keep fighting’’\nAfter the ex-champ’s statement, the studio that created RRAT, ‘’’’’’’People’s’’’’’’’ Republic of China, has given no comment to the matter but instead, they have seem to be pushed all responsibilities to promote the hit RPG game to WWE Superstar and Famous Actor who has been in great movies like ‘’Gridiron Gang’’, ‘’Faster’’ and ‘’Pain & Gain’’ : Chong Xi Nan.\n\nHere is video showing the Chinese actor in his house in HuangZhou, China, given promotion to the game :\n"}]}