Fought Like A Tiger

Match of The Week by Mave Deltzer

{"ops":[{"insert":{"image":""}},{"attributes":{"align":"center"},"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"size":"large","bold":true},"insert":"Omaru Polka vs Shirogane Noel"},{"attributes":{"align":"center"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\nCompared to last week, Stream 22 is a much more subdued event despite having a Royal Rumble in it midst, but overall, 22 still make some much needed improvement in the story-telling department, both with backstage interactions between wrestler and the booking of matches that lead to implication and fan theory. In the end, 22, beside the main event, will probably not be remember as fondly as 12 or 21, or hell, maybe even the kinda overrated, Stream 19, but it is still shoulders and heads beyond some of HFZ earlier streams.\n\nAnd I know I’m probably drawing lot of ire for not putting Towa vs Coco as match of the week, but hear me out, let me state my case on why Polka vs Noel deserved more to be MOTW :\nOmaru Polka, ever since her debut, had been dealt a terrible hand. \nWhile her Genmates have all carved a special niche for themselves in the roster and all have received decent push for titles and high-profile match. Botan and Lamy were in a match to decide who won the Tag Belts, Nene has obviously one of the most beloved wrestler in HoloFightZ and despite never really in contention for any kind of championship, she still have had multiple 5 stars match with some of the biggest stars in HoloFightZ. Hell’s, even Mano Aloe is now DARK’s Champion and is running a very kino program with the Hitomi Chris over at HFZ DARK.\n\nBut everyone favorites Clown never got that kind of push from management, and rightly so, at first that is. Because If Polka get any kind of big push when she debut, people’s will no doubt pointing their fingers as Polka and Chairman Yagoo real life friendship as preferential treatment from ‘’The Chosen One’’ himself. \n\nSo, for a while, Polka has been mostly running around in the mid-card, collect some win here and there, and just showing her repertoire to the fans. And the fans love it, her high-flying, high risk high reward, reminiscence of Ultimo Dragon or Psicosis is a big hit to HFZ fans, and that is when the push become noticeable. It’s started in Week 11 in Polka’s fight with Gwar Gura, and what a match that is. Both of the wrestler’s style is High-flying, so they worked really well with each other and have some really nice Spots all around, not too much that’s gonna make Shohei Baba seethe, but more than enough to keep all the ADHD faggots engaged and entertained so they doesn’t change channel to watch some e-whore play League of Legends\n\nPolka next fight is with a *cough* *cough* SPOT MONKEY *cough* *cough* Ayunda Risu. Their match was…well, good enough, it wasn’t Gura VS Polka but still decent win for the Clown nonetheless. \n\nAnd after this, her push come to a screeching halt for about a month (with the exception of Polka vs A-chan, but that match was more to build the Authority vs Resistance storyline than pushing Polka) so that Polka and Lamy could become a tag-team. This…. is kinda puzzling on the reason why, Yukihana Lamy is known for her erratic behavior and alcohol problem that once make her no-shows in week 14 Elimination Chambers, pairing her with Polka kinda hurt The Clown pushes more than anything (there’s rumor that Polka use her friendship with Yagoo to request for her to team up Lamy so she can keep an eye on the Snow Elf, making sure she doesn’t fall from straight and narrow)\n\nPolka’s push recently restarted with her major win over currently Tag-Champion Shiranui Flare in a 1v1, and right after that, a win against Momosuzu fucking Nene. To have a win against two certified Main Eventers and has been that, since their debut is no small feat on Polka part\n\nNow let’s talk about the fight in question itself. Things started out as expected when Noel through a combination of stiff strikes and basic grappling moves, overwhelm the cruiserweight wrestler. But thing change once Polka managed to get out of the ring and get hold of a steel chair, and in just a few short minutes, the steel chair have proven to be a better tag partner to Polka than Lamy. But Noel once again come out on top once they both get back in the ring and the great Cowtits hit two consecutives Mace on Polka. Once upon the time, before the likes of Super Nene Punch and Takobomb, the Mace were considered to be one of the most protected Finisher in HoloFightZ. Seem like the days of that have past because for some reason, in Noel opinion, that wasn’t enough for a pin, so after that, she just pressing on with the offensive, that look like a mistake on Noel part, cause after taking a few slams, Polka start doing an Hulk Hogan, and no, she doesn’t shout ‘’NIGGER’’ from the top of her lungs, and yes, it would be very based if she does. But what I mean is she started to just no-sell all of Noel moves, give her a taste of the clown shoes, and doing an Leg drop that is very reminiscence of the The Immortal Ass-kisser, she then pin Noel, and… win ! yes, Polka has Five Moves of Doom her way to yet another victory, and supposedly, a shot to challenge the still undefeated (1v1) Champs Ninomae Ina’nis.\n\n(okay that match didn’t actually end there but for Kino sake, let’s say it does)\n\nAnd this is my longer than expected part rant and part reviews of in my opinion, the best match of Stream 22 of HoloFightZ. I want to thank both SuRai for giving the power to do this, and to OP for creating the stuff in the first place. My name is Mave Deltzer and until next time, remember this : AEW is full of manlets, Vince McMahon should’ve died 10 years ago, NJPW is only worth watching when either Suzuki or Ibushi is on screen, and if you post in hlg, you are no better than a Redditor, bye \n"}]}